This software is being developed by TRAN-THUONG Tien with the aim to create a powerful but easy-to-use tool to author the multimedia interactive contents and applications.


TRAN-THUONG Multimedia hold all the ownership rights on the Software. The Software has been registered with the Agence pour la Protection des Programmes (APP) under registration number _XXXX_.


We are in finding a sponsor or a partner who can help us to continue to develop and trading the software. If you are interested in these multimedia composition and presentation technologies, please contact us by using the email addresses following:


logo TRAN-THUONG support@multimediadocument.com


In order to make our authoring tool more and more adapted with your multimedia projects, please also feel free to inform us your suggestions, your comments, your questions and bug report by using the email address above.


THANK YOU for your interesting!

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