Following demos have been edited and then exported in HTML+Time and/or Smil formats by using 3TMAN authoring tool. They require IE6.0 and/or RealPlayer to see.

Attention! These demos also require a high bandwidth network. If the synchronizations in the demos are not good at the first time presentation, press the REFRESH button of your browser to replay.

You can interact with the demos by using both MOUSE and KEY-BOARD. For the KEY-BOARD interaction you can use ENTER at the first screen of the demos to begin application, <- and -> to choose a menuitem, ENTER to select a menuitem, R to return to previous menu, Q to quit).

Note that the authors of these demos are not experts in multimedia integration and synchronization. They don't know even what are XML, Html+time and Smil. They have just the ideas and 3TMAN helped them to build their multimedia projects and then export their multimedia projects to Html+time and Smil formats to distribute.


Story demo

3TMAN can be used to author the multimedia applications/documents for mobile and embedded devices such as PDA and 3G cell phones.

This demo authored on a cell phone interface simulates capacity of using 3TMAN to author multimedia application on this device.

Some J2ME MIDP 2.0 demos edited and exported by 3TMANMOBILE:

Download demo       Download demo       Download demo       Download demo

Story demo  

A real Karaoke in Html+time format! You can also get a SMIL version of this demo here  

Download demo




3TMAN at the Ecole Polytechnique de l'Universite Grenoble I

3TMAN has been presented to and used by the first year students of RICM (Reseau Informatiques et Communication Mutimedia) at Polytech de Grenoble in their Multimedia Project module. The students worked in group of 5 or 6. They quickly controlled the 3TMAN tool, chose theirs subjects, made theirs story-boards, and then in two days finished their multimedia projects. Your can find here the extracts of theirs works.

Story demo
Story demo
Story demo
Story demo
Story demo

A small multimedia story

To edit this demo the author used a Welcome scene and several Menu scenes.

Petit Papa Noel

The images synchronize with music, you can click on each song's word to replay its music.

You can also download all SMIL and Html+Time versions of this demo here - PeptitPapaNoel demo

Hoat Hinh

The images synchronize with music

Slideshow demo

A small multimedia slideshow demo


Slideshow demo

The texts synchronize with video structure presentation

To edit this demo the author has to firstly analyze and describe the video using insert->video content description menu of 3TMAN, and then the texts synchronized with video content can be generated automatically by choosing to generate a video-texts-synchronization.

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