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Wednesday July 04, 2007

Linux media centre integrates YouTube.

Neuros Technology has rolled out pre-release firmware for its Linux-based OSD networkable set-top box that allows the gadget to suck down and show YouTube content.

The firmware allows the OSD to be used to browse and play the entire YouTube video collection on any standard-definition or HD TV. The software supports keyword searching, and browsing by category and rating. (

TomTom files patent for camera sat nav.

TomTom is attempting to move up a gear in the in-car sat nav biz. It recently filed a patent for a GPS device that incorporates a camera to show the driver exactly where to turn off the road ahead.

The European patent application describes a device that's based on the idea that instead of representing the streets around a driver as a map, the driver is shown a real picture of the street - complete with intersections, signs, traffic jams, etc - taken with a camera connected to the unit. (

Tuesday June 19, 2007

'Moonlight' makes progress on Silverlight for Linux.

The open-source Mono project will show off an early version of Microsoft's Silverlight browser plug-in running on Linux later this week.

Work on the plug-in, called Moonlight, was started only in May, after Microsoft's Mix conference. Moonlight uses version 1.1 of Silverlight, a browser plug-in for displaying interactive Web applications, which is due in the fall. (

Thursday June 07, 2007

JRuby and the Java Platform. Scripts are gaining in popularity with developers because they are easy to write, take less time to write than compiled programs, and require little maintenance. Although hundreds of scripting languages are in use today, developers continue to create new ones because each language is geared to a particular purpose or domain space. For example, the JavaScript programming language is commonly used for web-based user interface (UI) development, and Perl is popular on the server side. (

After near around ten years of total eclipse, Nescape Navigator starts again of the service. For the nostalgic, but also with new ambitions.(

Thursday May 17, 2007

JavaFX Family Launches with JavaFX Script and JavaFX Mobile

... With JavaFX, developers can create rich, interactive content for any Java-powered device without having to learn a new language.


JavaFX Script enables content-rich applications for a wide variety of clients, from mobile phones to set-top boxes to satellite navigation systems. Get started today by downloading JavaFX Script code. JavaFX Mobile is a complete middleware and application stack for mobile devices, and is targeted to carriers and handset makers.


JavaFX Mobile is a complete, pre-integrated software system for advanced mobile devices designed to enable developers to author rich, high-impact content and network-based services. Built around open and standards-based technologies, JavaFX Mobile enables control and flexibility for the mobile ecosystem.


Tuesday May 09 2007

Schwartz: Java FX can take on Flash

Java FX -- which is geared to make it easier to build flashy Web sites and Java desktop applications -- is ready to take on Adobe Systems' Flash and Microsoft's Silverlight software, according to Sun Microsystem's chief executive.(CNET

December 2006

The SYMM WG releases SMIL 3.0 as a First Public Working Draft of the W3C.(

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